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New CPT Codes for COVID-19 Vaccines

New CPT Codes for COVID-19 Vaccines


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released new CPT codes for COVID-19 vaccines. These updates will help medical office managers, medical coders, and doctors ensure that they are appropriately reimbursed for providing these vaccines to their patients. In this blog post, we'll provide an overview of the new CPT codes and explain how they can be used.

The code for each vaccine is unique, which helps track and report your data more accurately. For example: if a patient receives both Pfizer's Avax- Gupta jean virus prototype AND Moderna’s Cellcexus 1660 strain but not yet another type of immunization or placebo; then you could use these new CPT codes in order to clinically distinguish between them during analysis.

CODE 0034A

CPT Code 0034A was accepted to report vaccine and immunization administrations of the Janssen booster vaccine. It will be effective beginning October 23, 2021 and apply to services furnished on or after that date.

Codes 91307, 0071A, and 0072A

CPT Codes 91307, 0071A, and 0072A are used when reporting the administration of the Pfizer vaccine and immunization of the tri-sucrose pediatric (children ages 5-11) dosage formula. As of October 29, 2021, the CPT codes for the administration of the Pfizer vaccine to children went into effect, and the codes were officially published on October 6, 2021.

Codes 0004A and 0054A

CPT Codes 0004A and 0054A are used to report the administration of the Pfizer booster vaccine and immunization. These codes also work for the doses for adults and children when reporting them in medical records. Tee codes specific to the Pfizer booster vaccine went into effect on September 22, 2021.


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