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The 2023 Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) handbook has officially been released by the American Medical Association (AMA). The AMA has added 102 new codes, deleted 68 codes, and revised 87 codes that now include long descriptions. These new and updated codes have gone into effect January 1, 2023.

Within the 6 fields of the healthcare industry, a number of changes were made. Here is what to look out for in each field:

1. Evaluation and Management

Within the Evaluation and Management (E/M) sector, there has been one new code added, 26 code deletions, and 50 code revisions for the new year.

Code 99418 has been added to address prolonged inpatient or observation E/M services. Many of the deleted codes are due to the consolidation of inpatient and observation E/M codes. Some of the code revisions are as following:

• Office consultation codes have been revised to include “other outpatient” services provided.

• Home visit codes have been revised to include “residence” as a place of service.

• Changes to the total time of meeting when using time for code selection.

• And, clarifying hospital E/M codes to include “inpatient or observation” care due to the consolidation of codes in 2023.

2. Surgery

There have been a number of changes made to the following surgical procedures: integumentary, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, male genital, nervous, respiratory, urinary, and digestive.

• The Integumentary System has three new codes, one code deletion, and one code revision.

• The Musculoskeletal System has one new code and two code revisions.

• The Cardiovascular System has seven new codes and one code revision.

• The Male Genital System has one new code.

• The Nervous System has three new codes and 14 code revisions.

• The Respiratory System has one new code.

• The Urinary System has two code revisions.

• And lastly, the Digestive System has 17 new codes and 18 code deletions.

3. Radiology

The Radiology section gained the code 76883, which is used for the ultrasound of nerves and accompanying structures in one extremity. Codes 76882, 78803, and 78830-78832 have all been revised to clarify their long descriptors.

4. Pathology and Laboratory

The Pathology and Laboratory sector will be seeing 11 new codes and three code revisions in the new year. The three code revisions involved the moving of the placement of examples and descriptive wording within the long descriptions, but the meanings of the overall descriptions are unchanged.

5. Medicine

The Medicine section has gained 10 new codes and 7 code revisions. Three of the ten new codes are add-on codes, two will address multiple-family group behavior or management training services, along with codes for vaccines and other training services.

6. Category III

In the Category III sector, there will be 46 new codes implemented, 23 code deletions, and 2 code revisions.

The 46 new codes will represent a variety of new and emerging services, such as the following:

• Digitization of glass microscope slides.

• Virtual reality technology to assist with therapy.

• Insertion of a bioprosthetic valve into the femoral artery.

• And, therapeutic induction of intra-brain hypothermia.


With all of the new, deleted, and revised CPT codes for 2023, it is important to review them as they have gone into effect. It is also important to remember that even though there are new CPT codes, coverage of services is not guaranteed. But, by reviewing the codes, you can ensure that you and your staff are accurately coding for the integrity of medical records.

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